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featured in: Material Manifestations (Exhibit and Publication), AIANYS Student Design Award


The Shaker Exhibition and Archiving Center utilizes three performances derived from a Shaker artifact to generate form and program. After analyzing the Shaker culture and specifically the tilt-top table stand, the museum was developed around the material affects of stabilizing, rotating and hinging.

The museum curation and program consists of exhibits that hinge around a central axis of rotation.  The walls of each program space rotate and twist to become the floor of the next sequential gallery space.  This form becomes a way to guide experiences and create dynamic warped spaces that museum dwellers must interact with during circulation.  The landscape was manipulated to react to the tilting of the walls and perform the stabilizing effect.  Each design decision was used as an opportunity to enhance the affects of stabilizing, rotating and hinging as well as provide a dynamic and curated museum experience.