Featured in: Re-Envisioning the Hyde at Rensselaer (Exhibit and Publication at the Hyde Museum), Times Union, Troy Record,,,

2011 with RPI Re-Envisioning the Hyde Charette Team

An existing collection of three buildings currently acts as the Hyde Museum Collection in Glens Falls, New York.  A proposed dramatic intervention to expand and enhance the museum was developed in a two day design competition. The first focused move was to highlight the idea that the three museum buildings act a collection of history themselves, in addition to holding a valuable quantity of works within.  This generates the idea of a “collection within a collection.”

Placing these historical pieces of architecture on a pedestal and encasing them in conceptual and functional glass boxes clarified this idea.  The glass boxes are utilized for protection, conservation, reduction of mechanical/HVAC renovation within the old buildings, and for display.  The next step was to warp and manipulate the pedestal to create a vitalized poetic landscape and extend program within the dynamic pedestal. The museum was designed programmatically to allow specified access and privacy in regards to ticketing, artists in residence, educational areas, and multi-purpose event space. Two spines provided access to the program that extends within the landscape pedestal as well to the existing Hyde buildings. The team included Florencia Vetcher, Gustavo Crembil, Guillermo Bernal and several students.