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Oculus Social

Later this year, we’ll begin to roll out a completely new social layer across the Oculus Platform, powered by Facebook. As part of that change, we’ll ask people to log in to Facebook from the Oculus Platform to use our first-party social experiences like joining parties, adding friends, and co-watching in Oculus TV, because these experiences are powered by Facebook’s technology.

This is going to open up new ways to connect in VR. We’re adding Chats, so you can message your Oculus friends both in and outside of VR. We’re also adding Events, so you can organize multiplayer tournaments or co-watching movies and shows with your friends. And we’re adding the ability to post to Facebook Groups from VR, so you can share your favorite moments with your VR communities.

Tyler Product Design Manager.001.jpeg

In order to provide these features, we’ll use information like your friend list, how often you jump into VR, and which apps you use to provide better VR-related recommendations on Facebook, including relevant Facebook Groups you may want to join, Oculus Events you might like to attend, or ads.

Over time, we plan to power more and more of our social infrastructure with Facebook to realize our vision of a socially-connected VR ecosystem. For the people who choose to log in with Facebook, we’ll continue to add new ways to find friends, connect with people, and explore communities, so it’s as easy to feel present with others in VR as it is in the physical world.

Role: Design Manager for social features on Oculus