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Mercedes Benz Museum Competition

Overall, the Future Lab creates a recognizable brand epicenter that combines the potential and indeterminacy of the future with the classical, high performance qualities everyone expects of a Mercedes-Benz product. As the changing nature of both the building’s image and its contents have the power to continually surprise, the Future Lab offers a destination visitors will be drawn to experience frequently. A catalyst for debate and progress, the Future Lab is not only a tool for charting the course of the brand’s future, but sets the new Mercedes-Benz campus as a center where technological innovations can trigger societal change. 


The necklace residence

The Necklace Residence is the realization of the patriarch’s dream: a family haven, whose horizontality, reflectivity, and transparency integrate it ‘naturally’ into the landscape, and exalt the duality of its majestic site.

Role: Architectural Designer