S (around) OUND

Featured in: Huffington Post, The Times Union, Metroland

2012 with PIP Studio

"Imagine a time when buildings first breathed. A gigantic metal vessel rising and falling, its movements made possible by an ever-changing volume of coal gas - used to light the most progressive, innovative, industrial city on the Hudson River: Troy, NY...S|around|OUND is a collaborative artwork that seeks to restore buoyancy and illumination to The Gasholder, a major industrial revolution-era artifact in South Troy. RPI ARCH and ARTS students collaborated with composer/violinist Todd Reynolds to create a work that acknowledges the history and structure of this historic energy landmark, perhaps anticipating its future as a performing arts venue unlike any other. 

Close your eyes, open your ears, extend your reach. Explore the sound and surfaces.

Finally, rise."

-Michael Oatman, artist and SoA Professor of Architecture, Rensselaer


The result of this installation was something beyond our original imaginations.  Over three nights of performances during the international Smart Geometry Conference, the event was seen by well over 1,000 members of the international architecture community, RPI student population, and local Troy residents.


Designed, produced and installed entirely by our team of twelve, the installation included

+ dynamic and moving walls limited or exposed the audiences views as they traveled underneath

+ inhabitable inflatables obscured ground views, hid objects and acted as screens for lighting

+ interactive animations were programmed to move with kinect software in reaction to the audience

+ building instruments  used the building as a resonating chamber and had full 50’ piano wires

+ industrial man-lifts/cherry pickers that were placed to create a completely new audience experience: moving the audience and the performer vertically throughout the performance, and forcing new perspectives